Plunge Pools – Cute Pools with Colossal Benefits

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Step aside, gigantic pools; it’s time for the little guys to shine. Plunge pools, though small in size, come with a myriad of benefits. They fit into smaller spaces, such as small backyards on modern estates, but still exude the same appeal as much bigger pools. They are trendsetters, chiefly in Australia, and it’s time to explore why.

What’s Cool About A Plunge Pool?

When you say plunge pools, most people think of relaxation. Often packed with roomy seating areas and some even boasting spa jets, they’ve become a household name for tranquil retreats. Those spa jets aren’t just for fun, though. They help shake off stress, spruce up your overall well-being, and give people suffering from muscle injuries a sigh of relief. Moreover, while you might be thinking you can’t swim much in them because of their size, guess again. The addition of swim jets creates enough water resistance, mimicking the lap swimming experience.

How Else Can Plunge Pools Wow You?

Apart from the rest and recreation part, plunge pools are your home’s secret weapon to look gorgeous. For anyone with a creative eye for landscaping and design, they will massively improve a small backyard space. Plus, they are likely to raise your property value a few notches, as potential buyers will be drawn to this unique attraction.

Take the Plunge

Like their larger cousins, plunge pools can be above or inground. Though above-ground plunge pools are a budget-friendly option, the in-ground ones usually steal the show in terms of aesthetic appeal.

When it comes to choosing concrete or fibreglass, you can go creative with concrete and design a unique shape. Or choose fibreglass for a durable product that’s kinder to the wallet.

What’s the Price Tag?

Lastly, the cost of your new plunge pool project will depend on your unique design needs and the conditions of the site. Above-ground pools are easier on the pocket, ranging from around $2,000 to $10,000. On the other hand, in-ground pools could cost anywhere from an estimated $13,000 to maybe $50,000 if you are splurging on a custom design with top-notch finishes.

If you’d like to explore your options for a fantastic plunge pool, chat with the team at Active Pools & Spas now!

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Plunge Pools - Cute Pools with Colossal Benefits