Pool Building Regulations: Building a Pool that Complies

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Deciding to build a pool is exciting. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy long Coffs Harbour summer days in the water with family and friends. However, before you start, you must understand the various permits and regulations around building a pool. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them! This is because pool building requires a wide range of skills and numerous different trades. However, pool building regulations are essential for a smooth and legal construction process. So, let’s dive into how you can ensure your dream pool meets all local building codes and regs in Coffs Harbour.

Navigating Pool Building Regulations in Coffs Harbour

Before breaking ground, you must research what’s needed for pool construction in Coffs. There is a specific approval process and you must apply for building permits and Development Consent. So, gather documents like pool design plans and property surveys. These will show the proposed pool position on your property, the design itself and all the technical details.

Now, submit these to Coffs City Council for a comprehensive review. This process checks your plans against local codes. Sometimes, revisions are needed. Remember, these adjustments are all about safety and compliance. Also, be prepared to pay permit fees, these are required for approval. Finally, with your permit in hand, it’s time to start building. However, remember – compliance with permit terms is critical as you work through the project.

Partner with Professionals

Building a pool is a major investment; therefore, you must choose the best partner for your project. Essentially, commissioning a local pool construction expert means partnering with a team that understands Coffs Harbour’s pool building regulations and local codes. Moreover, their local knowledge of the best trades, suppliers and builders means an efficient, cost-effective and compliant outcome. In the end, all you have to do is enjoy it!

If you’re looking for the perfect pool partner for your pool design and construction, contact Keisha or Andrew at Active Pools and Spas today.

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Pool Building Regulations - Building a Pool that Complies