Seven Important Pool Design Considerations

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Hello, and welcome to our first blog post! Over the coming months, we’ll post valuable articles to help you get the most out of your swimming pool. We’ll explore a wide range of topics, from pool design, additions to your pool and guidance on pool regulations. Finally, we hope you enjoy our blogs; feel free to share them and comment. So, let’s get into it.

Deciding to build a swimming pool is a very exciting time. A new swimming pool will be a fantastic addition to your property and fabulous for your family. It’s also a significant undertaking requiring much thought and planning. So, let’s explore the main things to think about to create a perfect pool design.

1. Perfect Pool Design – Location

Factors like easements, underground services, boundaries and building regulations all influence your pool’s location. Additionally, consider environmental factors, such as how the sun moves over your property. For instance, having the westerly sun shining directly on your face while trying to relax around the pool may not be ideal.

2. Planning for Entertainment

Plan the social spaces in and around your pool. Think about where people will tend to congregate and consider hardscaping for these areas. Also, creating an easy flow from your property to your pool is ideal. In addition, set aside space for sun lounges, daybeds, or a table and chairs for relaxed outdoor dining. Finally, if space is limited, a bench seat with colourful scatter cushions works beautifully and is also a bonus storage space.

3. Budget-Conscious Pool Design Landscaping

Landscaping and hardscaping around your pool accounts for a significant portion of your pool design budget. One way to reduce costs is to use alternatives like synthetic lawns and, therefore, less tiling or paving. Also, most families usually use only two sides of a pool, so focus your budget on these areas.

4. Pool Fence Planning

Understanding your pool’s fencing requirements is crucial to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. So, check them out before you decide on a pool fence design and location. There are heaps of pool safety barriers available. They range from simple metal mesh designs to stylish frameless glass fencing.

5. Pool Equipment Consideration

There are many different kinds of pool pumps and filtration systems on offer. Your local pool design experts can take you through the options. Also, consider a pool cover and where to store it. Pool covers reduce evaporation, keep the pool cleaner and help to maintain its temperature. So, consider options like a timber bench seat or an underground blanket box to hide the roller and cover.

6. Outdoor Colour Palette

Ensure that the colours and textures you select for your pool paving tiles, fence screens, and pool furniture complement each other and work with your home’s tones. Plus, colours have different practical implications. For instance, light-coloured pool pavers are an excellent choice to reduce surface heat. Lastly, paint a boundary fence in dark greys to mitigate its visual prominence and create a neutral backdrop.

7. Pool Design – Styling on a Budget

Lastly, if budget is a concern, don’t worry. You can still style your pool and outdoor space effectively. Add colour, pattern, and impact with durable outdoor pots, pool and child-friendly plants, colourful cushions, and perhaps a bright outdoor mat. These simple, affordable touches can make a significant difference in defining your outdoor space.

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Seven Important Pool Design Considerations