Pool Restoration & Repairs In Coffs Harbour

Pool Restoratiom & Repairs in Coffs Harbour

Return Your Pool to like New again with a Complete Pool Restoration

Swimming pools are designed to endure decades of exposure to all kinds of harsh weather, corrosive pool chemicals and regular use. Eventually, though, things can go wrong. These may include dull and worn pool finishes, cracked pool walls, cracked and missing pool tiles, broken plumbing or equipment, broken coping and more. Relax! Our team at Active Pools and Spas can provide cost-effective pool restoration alternates to replacing your swimming pool. In fact, we use the latest techniques and quality products, all to Australian Standards, to return your pool to the fabulous feature it once was, no matter what condition it is in.

Pool Renovation (before)
Pool Renovation (after)
Pool Restoration (before)
Pool Restoration (after)
Pool Renovation (before)

Our Expert Pool Restoration and Repair Servcies include:

  • Resurface and restore concrete pools
  • Resurface and restore fibreglass pools
  • Fibreglass surface renewal
  • Replacing or repairing existing tile bands
  • Installing new coping or repairing the existing one
  • Equipment upgrades

The Benefits of High-Quality Pool Restoration and Repair in Coffs Harbour

Cost Saving

Even if your existing pool is very worn and looking a little tired, we can return it to its former glory for a fraction of the cost of building a new one. For instance, you’ll be amazed at the difference resurfacing, and new tiling can make.

Make it Safe

It’s clear that cracked tiles are not safe for bare feet. And loose or cracked coping could cause a more severe accident.

Add Sale Value

Improving the safety and appearance of your old pool ready for a property sale will add value to your home, rather than reduce it or discourage buyers.

Easier Maintenance

Having properly sealed surfaces around your pool means less mould and mildew to maintain meaning lower costs.

More Enjoyment!

A pool restoration will appeal to everyone and make using the swimming pool much more pleasant.

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