The Pool Building Process

An Expertly Managed Pool Building Process

The pool building process can be broken down into four main stages. These are design, approvals, construction and handover. The following is a general guide of what you can expect and in what order. At APS, we pride ourselves on excellent communication. Accordingly, you’ll be kept fully up-to-date the whole way through the pool construction process.


After your initial enquiry with Active Pools and Spas, a member of our team will assist you through the first stages of selecting a swimming pool to suit your needs. This starts with making an appointment to meet you at the proposed pool site. Here, we will assess site suitability and explain in-depth, all possible options and products available for you. Our team then move forward to create a tailor-made design and quote that meets your requirements and budget. Once you have accepted the quote, we will prepare the pool building contract and guide you through the terms and conditions.


The chosen pool design is presented to our engineer, who will prepare plans for your new pool that are then submitted for certification. Once we have obtained all required approvals, and insurance for the project, a start date for construction can be agreed and locked in.


With the design, approvals and all the paperwork in place, things start taking shape as we begin construction. Safety is a priority during pool building. Consequently, you’ll be fully informed of any exclusion zones and briefed on how to stay safe around the construction site. We will fence-off any unsafe areas as necessary.

The site is excavated

Structural formwork and steelwork are completed

Council inspector visits to confirm compliance with plan and regulations

Structural shell

The concrete spray is next, and now you have a concrete shell in your yard

Coping / tiling

Coping and tile band are completed


Plumbing pipes are run, and the filtration system is installed

Surrounding projects

Timber decks, concrete and pool fencing, are completed

Pool fencing is approved by a qualified certifier.

Pool interior

The pools interior, be it quartz pebble finish, or tile of choice is completed

Note that pebble interiors are usually acid washed the following day, after which the pool can be filled


The Big Day is Here! The pool building is complete. We’ll provide a handover lesson on how your new pool works, and provide a water test and final pool chemical balance.

Follow up

You can contact us at any time, but after a week or so we’ll call you to make sure you’re delighted and managing your new pool.

Service Contract

We can provide a full or partial-service schedule to make owning a pool a completely hassle-free experience. Ask us for details.

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